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Monica Buckley is co-owner/founder of The Fresh Fish Deli. Monica lives with her young family in Union Hall but hails originally from Newcestown.  Monica previously worked in the Hedge Fund Industry for over 15 years.  The Fresh Fish Deli was set up in 2014 and We now operate in Retail, Wholesale and Manufacture business.  


The idea initially in 2014 was to develop Seafood products to add value to existing resources and eliminate some of the waste in our own process.  We have built up a network of local fishermen, therefore we are guaranteed access to top quality Irish fish.  Our business produces a range of healthy and nutritious Fish Cakes for sale in supermarkets.


As a result of the growth of our Wholesale, and  Manufacturing elements of the business, the business moved to a 6,000 square foot production facility in Skibbereen in 2017.  This was a huge step forward but  gave us the facilities to manufacture on a much larger scale since demand for our fish products has soared.

In West Cork we are fortunate to have access to quality fish produce and ingredients which make up our finished products. 


This in return has led to additional jobs in production and in sales. Our team has expanded and we now employ 25 staff, with the vision to grow in the coming years. 

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The Fresh Fish Deli

Unit 6/7 Carbery Enterprise Park, Upper Bridge St, Coronea

Skibbereen, Co. Cork

P81 HF72


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